Ensure that your business remains happy and healthy.

  • American Health Data Institute (AHDI) prides itself in having created a unique product that lowers major medical plan healthcare expenditures for the workforce and improves the employers' financial bottom-line

  • AHDI has been awarded 3 U.S. Patents in regard to engagement, protocols and data analytics centered around disease management and population health improvement with dacades of proven results.

  • The Proactice Health Management Plan (PHMP) includes a fully insured limited benefit health insurance plan designed to provide preventive, diagnostic, and maintenance services for all employees.

  • The PHMP begins with the election of a Section 125 (cafeteria plan) which reduces taxable income, creating payroll tax savings for employers and employees as all Section 125 plans do.

  • Utilization of benefits provided through the PHMP qualifies participants for a fully insured fixed benefit claim payment. The PHMP is underwritten by Companion Life Inusrance Company, A+ Superior rated, for 17 years in a row.

  • The PHMP is governed by the State Department of Insurance and has been approved in the following states.

Healthy Employees - Healthy Business - Increased Productivity

Key Employer and Employee Benefits

  • Immediate employer FICA savings: annual net savinfs of $324 per employee.

  • Control long-term employer health costs - data shows preventive care actions should translate into lower future premiums1.

  • Drive short-term savings to benefit employers and employees.

    • Each telemedicine call may reduce employer or employee healthcare costs and minimizes lost productivity caused by time away from work. There are no charges to employers and no employee co-pays for the benefit.

  • Employee has an opportunity to utilize the PHMP to create a healthier lifestyle, lower out of pocket costs and lower overall healthcare costs.

  • In most cases, there is no reduction in an employee's take-home income.

  • Employees gain access to many healthcare screenings and other services with no co-pays or deductibles.

  • The PHMP is not intended to be a replacement of substitute of any underlying major medical plans.

Savings - Controlled Healthcare Costs - Increased Benefits

  • 1 Financial Savings & Returns on Investment with the Health Care Nurse Navigator 2015 American Health Data Institute. Actual savings may vary due to enrollment requirements and associated fees.