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General Benefit Information

With all your health benefits information in one place, you’ll never need a file cabinet again. Whether searching for Providers in your network or checking on the progress of a claim, this handy section ensures that you have the forms and information you need to manage your coverage efficeiently and effectively.

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The Proactive Health Management Plan is driven by participation in healthy living activities that initiate and reinforce quality behavioral changes. The plan offers an array of ways in which you can engage and qualify for your monthly benefit.

How Do You Qualify for PHMP Benefits?

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How to Get Started + Navigate Your PHMP Benefit

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How to Get Started with RealTime Choices

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Online Health Program Coaching

Visiting any link in this section and reviewing the health and lifestyle information provided will quality you for your monthly benefit credit in the month you take this action.

This action also triggers a contact from a health professional who will review the information with you in the next month. This contact will qualify you for a benefit credit in the month in which it occurs.

Online Health Program Coaching provides easy-to-use tools, fitness logs, and topic-specific medical information. From understanding nutritional needs to calculating you heart rate, Online Health Program Coaching is all about helping you define your health risks and reaching your health goals.

PHMP Benefits

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PHMP Benefits

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PHMP Benefits


PHMP Benefits

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Welcome to your RealTimeSolutions home page. From here you can launch into “Real Time” programs and services that are being provided to you by your employer. Our products are easy to use and designed to help you manage your healthcare.

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PMP Mobile App

Give you accessibility to your benefit plan information, claims data, eligibility details and so much more!

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PHMP Benefits


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